Lactic Peel $85 Cleanse,Treat, SPF

For normal to dry skin with irregular pigmentation.  Arbutin and kojic acid work with the hydrating properties of lactic for an extreme lightening peel. Can be added to our lemon zest enzyme peel for a beautiful lightening facial.


Glycolic Peel $85 Cleanse,Treat & SPF

Glycolics are Alpha Hydroxy Acids that deliver immediate results when applied to the skin. These acids stimulate your skins natural exfoliation process, trigger cell renewal and penetrate through the barrier of lipids of the epidermis leaving your skin smooth and radiant. 


These light peels are extremely effective in treating issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, & dry and dehydrated skin types. 


For best results, a series of at least 6 treatments is recommended.

Home care, and a specific facial protocol will be discussed with your Esthetician.