Great additions to any facial!

Oxygen Infusion $30

The power of antioxidants and oxygen infusion gives all skin a super nutritional start. Softens and improves the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, aging, and mature skins.Oxygen Infusion rejuvenates skin, increases skin circulation, and improves skin clarity for a vibrant youthful appearance. This treatment is a must before a big event!!

Firm & Lift Facial Tightening  $30/15 Min

Electroporation also know as facial tightening uses an electromagnetic pulse with microcurrent to open up a pathway beneath the skin and deliver active ingredients directly into cells.  Once the current stops, the ingredients are trapped inside the cell.  Ingredients such as vitamin c,, and natural lighteners are penetrated deeper then when applied topically to the skin.  This drastically improves hydration, reduces fine lines, lightens pigmentation, and firms and tightens the skin. This serum cocktail will be customized to your skin type and will address your specific skin care concerns.



Wrinkle Softening Under Eye Pads $10

Effective in combating puffy eyes, dark circles, bags, and general fatigue, our vitamin packed eye pads

help keep delicate skin around eyes firm and tight by supplying sufficient nutrients and moisture to the eye area. 

A great addition while your treatment face mask is on to keep your eyes cool and refreshed.

Nano-Lip Treatment $25 

Let's plump up your lips with our nanopen! After one treatment your lips will appear fuller,

more plump and hydrated. Includes Micro-Infused Collagen Gel Lip Masks with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C & E that work to moisturize, re-hydrate and soothe  lips, creating a more full and moisturized appearance. You'll have kissable lips in no time! 



CELLUMA Phototherapy

Add to any facial $40/30 min  $20/15 min 

Blue Light, Red Light and Infrared LED's reduce the signs of aging, help treat acne, and promote collagen production. 

Recommended at least 2x a week for best results.